Don’t swim against the tide, or stay in the dark. Switch on to Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

The world is changing, we are bombarded by all sorts of media. We cannot ignore these marketing challenges. Social Media is here to stay, it can reach potential customers, clients and followers. It can assist in customer retention and should be an essential part of your marketing communications strategy.


In recent years there has been a significant increase in the number of companies harnessing the power of social media to engage with consumers, watch for trends and to keep tabs on the competition; creating an unprecedented surge in the demand for instant, real-time sharing of online content with friends, networks and affiliated partners. Industry is also realising the need to engage in this form of communication.


Social media marketing refers to the process of increasing website traffic or awareness through social media sites such as Facebook, You Tube, LinkedIn, Twitter and the like.


The communications usually centre on efforts to create content that attracts attention and encourages readers to share it on their own social networks, thus increasing the reach of your message, products and services to potential customers via existing ones.


Waterbourne can assist you in creating content and to integrate a mix of visual, audio and text campaigns to help broadcast your message across social media platforms directly to your audience.

Through a network of specialists, we can manage your social media channels for you; or work with you to create engaging profiles, building up a significant follower base and sending out regular and well thought through content on your behalf.


This is your opportunity to reach out and stay close to your customer base.