Henley Regatta has brand identity, Well known, You know what you are going to get, has loyal following and can add value to other brands.

Brand Identity

What is your companies “personality?” What identifies you and makes you distinct from others?


Most organisations have a “look;” something that distinguishes it from others and this “look” is quite often the most valuable asset of a corporation. Do you know what elements constitute your Brand Identity and do you cherish it?


Waterbourne can assist you to take a thorough look at your existing activity and identify these elements. Work with you to identify your true USP? Are you really differentiated or a ‘me too’ company? Do you really know why your customer use you as apposed to the competition? Finding the answers to these questions will help you identify these important elements.


Once these have been identified a brand strategy can be formulated so that the business gets known for the right reasons. From this a “roll out” plan can be implemented across all marketing platforms.